Friday, September 21, 2018

Are Brookies Brownies or Cookies?

Autumn is here which means I will start baking again.  This summer was too busy and just too hot for baking. Birthdays in my family have started up again and this year's request was for a Brookie.  Translation = Brownie and Cookie.  My family is divided on this.  Most love the brownies and love the chocolate chip cookies and want them separate. I'm not sure.  One big question.  What goes in the pan first - the brownie or the cookie dough.  I have made them 3x.  2 successes and 1 epic failure.  My advice - brownie goes 1st in the pan, cookie dough on top.  The brownie cooks more evenly.  Also you must use parchment paper.  Your life will be much easier!  so give these a try and let me know what you think!  This brownie recipe is the best I have ever had.  Make sure you don't overbake.

Line an 8x8 pan with parchment paper
Oven at 350 degrees
Melt 4 oz of unsweetened chocolate and 1 stick of unsalted butter together and then cool
1 1/4 c of sugar in a bowl and pour in the chocolate mixture, mix till well blended
Add 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract and mix
Add 3 eggs (room temp) one at a time and blend together
Add 3/4 cup of flour and finish blending.  Make sure you mix in any flour at the bottom of the bowl
Spread in the pan

Now Using  your favorite chocolate cookie recipe  - I use Toll House on the back of the package of chips - try and substitute the dark chocolate chips!!! delicious!
 add the cookie dough on top.  Its not easy to spread but this will be fine once in the oven for about 20-25 min.  you need to check.  The cookie party will be lightly browned.
Last step  - Enjoy
Oh and by the time I remembered to take the picture, they were all gone!

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Friday, December 1, 2017

Break out the Cookie Gun

Break out the Cookie Gun     

This Wear-Ever Cookie Gun comes complete with 9 shapes and 3 pastry tips in its original box from about sometime in the  fifties. I love it!  Why a favorite?  It's from one of the most important people in my life.  My Auntie Sweetie.  Auntie Sweetie is 94 years young, the best aunt anyone could ever have and my only aunt.  I know my love of baking comes from her.  She recently moved and I was given all her baking items.  Cookie cutters, wooden rolling pins, cookbooks, pans and a cookie gun.  Let's start with an easy recipe. D

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Cookie Press Recipe

  • 1.  Beat 1 1/2 cups (3 sticks) unsalted butter & 1 cup sugar till well blended
  • 2.  Add 2 large egg yolks
  • 3. In a separate bowl, Combine 3 3/4 cups sifted all-purpose flour,1/4 teaspoon salt, 1 tablespoon of  Vanilla Extract.  Be particular about your vanilla - There is a difference in flavor! 
  •        4.  Add the dry mixture to your butter, sugar and eggs and blend well.
  •         5.  Fill the cookie press with the dough, and turn out cookies 1 to 2 inches apart onto an unbuttered baking sheet. Sprinkle cookies with colored sanding sugars or you can make a glaze to decorate after the cookies have cooled
  • Bake until the cookies are lightly browned, 7 to 10 minutes.
  • ****************************************************************************

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Homemade Biscuits - Simple and Delicious

It's heading down to 17 degrees. A pot of stew is simmering and the perfect finishing touch - homemade biscuits are in the oven.  Even if you don't consider yourself a baker - biscuits are easy, have few ingredients and are delicious.  Flour, salt, baking powder, milk and butter.  That's it! And even when you make a mistake (as I did) they are still good.

So here goes:
Preheat oven to 450 degrees F (230 degrees C).
In a large mixing bowl sift together 2 cups of  flour, 1 tbs baking powder and 1/2 tsp salt. 
Cut in shortening (I always use butter 1/2 cup or 8 tbs) with fork or pastry blender until mixture resembles coarse crumbs.
Pour 3/4 c of milk into flour mixture while stirring with a fork. Mix in milk until dough is soft, moist and pulls away from the side of the bowl.
Turn dough out onto a lightly floured surface and toss with flour until no longer sticky. Roll dough out into a 1/2 inch thick sheet and cut with a floured biscuit or cookie cutter. Press together unused dough and repeat rolling and cutting procedure.
Place biscuits on ungreased baking sheets and bake in preheated oven until golden brown, about 10 minutes.
I got involved in another project and left them in the oven a bit too long - but they were so good!  Very flaky on the outside and perfect on the inside. 
Serve plain or sliced with butter.  Yum!!!

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Valentine's Day = LOVE

I have always loved Valentines Day.  In our world today, we need a day of love, hearts & kindness. Just a day to be nice!
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Mason Jar Gift Tags with hearts - customized colors

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Pretty Cupcake Pinwheels in pink and red with tiny heart brads

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Just bake and drop into decorate. 

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Happy Valentines Day!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Sweets and Treats In New York City

A family wedding this past weekend, lots of walking, being a tourist and having crazy fun. Of course I had to check out so many sweets and treats!  From Gorgeous French Macaroons to all of the delicious little Cupcake Shops-you could just sample all day long.  We arrived at the hotel and were met by my brother in law, with this tiny, fancy little bag which was holding these beautiful French Macaroons.  Delicious! Pink and green, filled with raspberry and chocolate - they were delicious! It also renewed my quest for making my own.  I have the recipes, just need to keep trying! Here is a cookbook I have which I will use when I get home!
The first event was a family dinner - not small as my husband is one of 9.  So just imagine husbands, wives and children.  My beautiful niece's father is from France so the dessert was a magnificent chocolate soufflé.
 All at the same time, each table received this delicious dessert dusted with Powdered sugar.  I have not attempted this treat but was very impressed at the 10 perfect soufflés that emerged from this tiny kitchen!

We had the day to explore on Saturday as the wedding was in the evening.  Our first stop - breakfast. I sampled each of my relatives choices but my favorite was a spelt cranberry scone.

We didn't stop at each treat store but I did take pictures - trust me- I'm going back! Love these little minis from Baked by Melissa.  They are delicious and check out all of her flavors on her                                                                                                                                             

Didn't get to stop but these doughnut flavors....yum                                                                             
Had to try this pretzel while we visited Christmas Village in Bryant Park.  I did share this.  I opted for the salted but oh so many kinds

Our final event - the wedding.  Another first for me - croquembouche which is alternative French wedding cake, a tower of profiteroles. 
  This was just amazing to see and delicious.  Next trays of French Pastries were passed on trays and I tried many of them!  All good!
A wonderful weekend, with family, a beautiful new marriage and good desserts!
I'll let you know how the macaroons turn out.
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