Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oreo Cupcakes and Abby

Last night Abby, my Golden Retriever was my best friend. Faithful and loyal - never left my side. Usually she's sleeping or trying to get on the couch or sneak upstairs but tonight she was right there. Why? One word - CUPCAKES. Abby is the eternal optimist, there is always hope that things will work out, just maybe something will fall her way. She looks at the bright side of everything. One of my friends said, "We should all be like Abby!" She's right!
Love these oreo topped cupcakes with little crumbled pieces, I used Magnolia Buttercream Vanilla Icing and made a devil's food cupcake. Will have to check the store tomorrow to see how they did! Kept 4 for my family & Abby will get a biscuit. Yes Abby, being loyal and patient does pay off! Just not always the way you think it will.

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