Thursday, April 28, 2011

So Many Cookbooks.....

I have a confession - I have way too many cookbooks but I love it.  I go to the bookstore & head to the cookbooks, the library always has one stop in the same section.  I go to my son's house and ask to borrow "a cookbook!"  Am I a good cook?  Not really.  One day.....

But my favorites are my baking cookbooks.  Here's a few that I am always using.

1.  Rosies Bakery All-Butter, Fresh Cream, Sugar Packed Baking Book by Judy Rosenberg
          Love this Cookbook!  From her cakes (try the Summertime Cake) to her cookies (Soho Globs) & Harvard Squares (all the best brownies & other bars) & even her section "Cutie Pies" (try the All-American Apple Pie) there is nothing I don't like.  Her banana cake is unbelievable & I don't even like bananas! In my mind, the key to all of these successful recipes is butter and no oil.  The Buttercream icing can't be beat. You have to get this book.

2.  All the Best Muffins & Quick Breads by Joie Warner
          Recipes are easy to make, quick and tastes delicious.  Under the section "Sweet Muffins" try Mango Muffins & Blueberry Cornmeal.  Sweet Quick Breads have some of my favorites.  Lemon Bread with Lemon Glaze is unbelievable as is Pink Lemonade Bread.  Again the key for me is the butter.

3.  A Piece of Cake by Susan Purdy
         From the "Understanding Ingredients" Section to the Elegant & Special Cakes - there are many tips & tricks, ideas that could keep you baking for years!  The basic 1-2-3-4 Cake never fails.  I made my 1st wedding cake using "Anna's Sweedish Butter Cake Recipe"  Descriptions on assembling a wedding cake make is so easy.  Great Cheesecakes, layer cakes, Coffee Cakes and even a section on decorating cakes.  This book is a must.

4.  Martha Stewart's Cupcakes - if you can think of a cupcake flavor, it's in this book. 175 of them!

5.  The Gourmet Cookbook - This was my mom's so it is my favorite.  It's a little worn, dated 1950 and will always be on display in my kitchen. To quote from a section: "This index is designed to give maximum aid & comfort to the seeker of recipes."  A special keepsake from my mom, it give me comfort.  Head to page 569 "Sweet Talk" and find an unusual collection of deserts which the chocolate lovers in my house would not try.  "La Patisserie" is more my style.  Intriguing titles such as Blackberry Jam Cake, Dundee Cake, Shadow Cake.  I will have to try these!

So I end this as a Devils Food Chocolate Cake for my husband's birthday celebration bakes in the oven.  Recipe from page 631 of Gourmet.  Thank you mom.  Wish you could be here to join us & thank you for teaching me how to bake.

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