Saturday, November 19, 2011

Purple Roses for My Little Cakes

How long has it been since a post? A few reasons. A new baby girl which is the best reason and no time to bake any new recipes due to specific requests. People seem to just want the basic cupcake flavors recently. I did just have one request for devils food cupcakes but they required purple roses on top of each cupcake. (the school symbol) I have taken decorating classes long, long ago but was never really that great at it. I always tell people "I'm not a decorator" So I really hesitated to say yes. Having no recollection of my rose making techniques, I headed over to you tube and found "many" videos. There were only 4,320,000 results in just 76 seconds! I know that you are supposed to make decorator frosting but I have to say I just added additional powdered sugar and the frosting was fine. I used Wilton Violet Coloring. They have just about every color and then finished the decorating with purple dust (also by wilton)which really looked pretty. A lot of the videos were for roses large enough to cover the entire cupcake but I made them much smaller. I was nervous about this order and of course critical of the results but just got a call yesterday for another order of purple rose cupcakes for their Awards Dinner as everyone loved them!

I am trying a new recipe for next week and can't wait! Pumpkin Angel Food Cupcakes! Will let you know.....

My Etsy Shop has been keeping me busy, lots of custom orders, which I really enjoy. Take a look at my shop if you have a minute, Lots of holiday items. My latest order is to Egypt!!

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  1. Beautiful looking cupcakes love the little flowers