Friday, March 16, 2012

Dessert in Baltimore

I love looking at the dessert section on a menu. I really never order a dessert but always on the lookout for new ideas. Recently we went to Baltimore and of course I began to check out the "Desserts of Baltimore" We walked everywhere so I checked out all the menus at each window. I had never really visited Baltimore and we were in the area known as Fells Point. Cute stores, signs and lots of pubs. Some of the buildings were painted bright & colorful. Just so appealing.

Lots of old factories turned into restaurants etc. This was one of the 1st signs that caught my eye.

I needed to find out what cupcake stores they had so I got very excited when I saw this sign from a distance
only to find out that it was a clothing store!
Next we visited a little stand which has delicious fresh squeezed lemonade. Definitely worth trying and I loved the name!

Koopers Tavern listed 3 desserts. I'm thinking I'd choose the Bailey's Brownies.

We breakfast at a place right by the docks called Boneparts and their breads were delicious. They had a nice selection of pastries & the staff were always pleasant and friendly. Not really a French Pastry Lover but everything looked good and was sold out quickly.

Maggie Moos came up next and taking apeak through the window, I saw some cupcakes but didn't have the time to stop.

Life goes by pretty quickly when you are running after a two year old so we had to pick our spots carefully. After a dinner, we decided to stop at a place called "Pitango Gelato" This was my kind of dessert. All the products are organic and the sorbet was delicious. I ended up with the Rasberry Sorbet but also tasted the Pistachio Gelato which was unbelievable. Other flavors included Rhubarb, Mango, and Creme Fraiche jsut to name a few. The people were friendly and accomodating to our requests to "taste test" some of the flavors. Definitely worth a repeat visit! They also have beverages and this was a chocolate lovers dream. Their Choco Latte was Italian Hot Chocolate combined with a frothy steamed milk. Very rich and delicious!

We never did make it to Charm City Cupcakes as we ran out of time but I paid them ann online visit and have a promise from my daughter to bring samples on her next visit home. They boast the Official Baltimore Ravens Cupcake. I have requests in for their Gourmet Turtle, Classic Key Lime and the Classic Vanilla. I'll let you know the results as soon as we get to taste them. Prices start at $2.75.

If you have the time, visit this area. We went to the Aquarium and the Rainforest with our family. Lots of fun spending time with people we love and even managing to scope out a few desserts!

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