Friday, November 1, 2013

Baking In the Cottage - Week Two

A request for cookies for my grandson's 1st ever school Halloween Party.  There was no way anything store bought would be heading over to his school.  We looked at cookie pictures together (he's 3 with definite ideas) and he decided on pumpkins.  I went back to my favorite sugar cookie recipe from an old Martha Stewart cookbook.  They are not too sweet and have butter, sugar, flour and vanilla.

My biggest obstacle was the OVEN!
  It's gas and I'm used to electric.  I knew from last weeks a cupcake order, I would really have to be diligent with timing.  It's a tiny oven but remember I'm in a tiny cottage this year so I was just going to have to be careful.

Sugar cookies cut you no slack.  If you don't get them out at the exact moment, they seem burned but also too soft if taken out early.

They were perfect and icing was next.  Martha uses egg whites which I would never do especially as they were headed to a school.  I normally use egg white powder but of course had none.  I ended up making my own icing consisting of powdered sugar, whole milk and coloring.   This is just going to be a year of guessing!   My measuring cup was a teacup and a teaspoon.  I have no idea where anything has been packed at this point so it just had to work.

I used about a cup of powdered sugar and added teaspoons of milk.  The icing was perfect, not to thin but had a consistency that could be spread onto each cookie and not run off the sides.  I was not in the mood to flood the cookies.  Icing bag?  No idea where that was so a sandwich bag with a very tiny snip of the edge cut worked just fine.

So take one little cottage by the sea,
a tiny gas oven, no measuring or decorating utensils, and a determined Ama (my name) to make perfect cookies for the love of my life - my grandson.

Like I said, sometimes you just have to make it work.

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