Saturday, February 1, 2014


No baking today.
I need to talk about a very important member of our family whose name is Pete - a special guy with a big heart.  Smart, handsome, caring, happy, enthusiastic, helpful.....
I'm talking my son's best friend who goes to work with him every day at Kessler, a rehabilitation hospital. Pete and my son work with patients who have spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, strokes, amputations, and multiple sclerosis.  Not an easy job and one that requires special people.  
Pete brings a smile to the faces of everyone he encounters...especially the patients, whose lives he has touched during a difficult and challenging time. Pete was once named the Employee of the Month.  

Did I mention that Pete is a dog?

Pete is a Facility Dog who received his training from Canine Companions for Independence (CCI). Pete is not your average dog. He has been trained specifically to assist individuals with disabilities and knows more than 50 commands. In this case, Pete was trained to work in a rehabilitation facility where he has a lasting impact on not just one individual, but instead on the many patients (and staff) that come through Kessler's doors. Thanks to the work of Pete and Sean, more than 15 former patients have gone on to be matched with their own Canine Companion for Independence. 

 Unfortunately, Pete has been diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer, specifically an atypical malignant melanoma 

Please see the attached video and if you can, Petey needs your help.
As a family we love this dog so very much.  He makes a difference in so many lives.


  1. Hi! This is Michele, Pete's puppy raiser. Thank you so much for posting and bringing awareness to Pete's need. I am sure that your son, Sean, Pete's handler, is aware that CCI has the Trixie fund for graduate dogs in need. I was just informed about this and wanted to pass it along as an avenue to pursue so Sean and Pete can continue their great work. would love to be in contact and stay updated. How may I pass along my contact information privately? Again, many thanks for bringing aware, providing love and support to an amazing service dog who began life as our "Sweet Pete".

    1. Hi Michelle
      Thanks for reading this. Pete is just one amazing dog. Thanks so much for raising him
      Will keep in touch