Saturday, April 25, 2015

Star Wars - Hello R2D2 & Happy Birthday

Time to bake for another one of my favorite little people.  He is 5 and also a Star Wars Fan - and there are way too many choices of characters.

So for me it came down to colors.  Of course if I asked, I would hear Darth Vadar Cake! but that would mean a LOT of food coloring!  Too much for me anyway.  I decided to go for R2D2.  I love this little guy, was pretty sure I could draw the figure and with limited food coloring.

I made a one layer chocolate cake, perfect for all the little people at the party.

Parchment paper, the size of the pan made it easy for me to sketch R2.

I had saved some of  my son's Star Wars Toys - probably about 30 years old but R2 Looks the same and was a perfect little model for me!

Then moving onto the cake. A quick layer of white for the base and then onto the decorating.

Time consuming, fun and totally worth it.

No words needed after hearing him say,
r2D2 my favorite!  Wait one minute, I thought it was Darth Vadar!  How easy is it to make a 5 year old happy!!
Love you Little Guy

May the Force Be With You!

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