Monday, May 9, 2016

A Year of Birthday Cupcakes and Treats

I blink and another year has gone by.  I have changed course quite a bit this past year with the businesses and have set my goals on just one of them.  Baking will be for family and Well Dressed Cupcakes on Etsy will expand.  I'll talk about the baking business in a bit.

So I will measure this past year in birthdays.  I love baking for my three favorite little people in the entire world.  They now know what they want and request it!  Two want nothing but chocolate and I have one vanilla girl.  I'll start with last September.  I was a teacher and think in terms of school years!  Ellery Jane is my vanilla girl.  Vanilla Cupcakes were sent to school and we celebrated at home with an ice cream cake. The real celebration was at Disney World where she danced on stage at an Irish Restaurant Raglan Rose and had a blast for her 4th birthday.

My next little one turned 3.  Anyone who knows Nella Grace knows she loves Paw Patrol & all kinds of dogs.  We had cupcakes for school and at home.  This girl wants nothing but chocolate.

My little guy turned 6.  I'm not quite sure where the time went but I can remember the 1st day I started babysitting while his parents went to work.  He is now in kindergarten and loves life!  Basketball is his favorite so we had a sports party.

And just about everyone else in the family had the same request for each birthday.  Chocolate Cake!

Back to business and why I'm not baking.
 Time is a major factor.  My Etsy business has really grown which I'm happy about and there is not enough time!!!
Cost is next.  I use only the best ingredients.  It's expensive.  People seem to think they will be getting a bargain or it will be cheaper if they order from a home baker.  I feel uncomfortable with pricing as I know everyone so well and I'm not sure they realize how much ingredients cost.
Weird requests - can I write someone's name on a crumb cake?  Can you make a giant blueberry cobbler in January with fresh blueberries?  Can you add in cupcake flags and wrappers from your etsy business for free? NO!

So I will still be experimenting with recipes and try to sneak in something other than chocolate cake!
I feel much better having made this decision and will continue posting recipes and ideas on this page so please continue to visit.

I'd love to hear what you think about pricing and quality baked goods.  Let me know....

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