Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Change From the Usual Cupcake Stuff

yes I did bake cupcakes and they were Irish but similar to ones I've done before.  It was an order from the store so I didn't have much choice. They liked the little shamrocks.  I like to do something different each time.  So much for my Green Velvet Ideas.  Good News!  I did get an offer from another store to do some baking for them.  Do I need another job?  But how could I say no.  Summer will be busy. 

So no cupcake recipes today but I am posting the recipe for THE BEST Irish Soda Bread.  It comes from a friend named Joan who outdoes herself every year baking Irish Soda Bread for friends.  This year I heard she is asking people to donate to Relay for Life which I will gladly do.  Also this year I think she must of hit an all time record with 80 loaves! She was nice enough to share the recipe so I just made some for the family tonight and then a friend called and said Joan was sending a loaf my way!  I can hardly wait for that one.  I did make a change to the recipe.  Instead of regualr buttermilk, I used low fat buttermilk.  I did not really taste a difference but the other piece of advice is not to knead it for too long or it will get tough.  Left out the carraway seeds (not a fan) but used loads of raisins.  As it's late and I'm tired I will post the recipe tomorrow but wanted to get a picture up of my Irish Soda Bread.  Delicious!

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