Friday, March 11, 2011

Thank you Girl Scouts! & Mom!

They keep coming! I bought 2 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies from our neighbor, Katie the other day. I immediately said to my family "hope no one bought Girl Scout Cookies" No response. Within 2 days the boxes in my house have multiplied. I do not want to even think about opening them. I won't stop! I remember selling these. Boxes and boxes would come to the house and then my mom & I would deliver them all. Thanks Mom for all the help! They were also $.50 a box! Little things like this make me realize how much my mom did for me. Her birthday was last week and she would have been 88! I miss her so much. So to get back to the cookie dilemma. I had intended to make Green Velvet Cupcakes but at the last minute all those little green boxes caught my attention. I finally decided on a Devils Food with the mint icing (came out great this time after the last overdose experience of too much extract!)1/2 of a thin mint cookie & sprinkled with crushed cookies. Those little crumbs tasted delicious on top. I had to try it! Finished the baking order off with 2 dozen shamrock cookies and the usual rasberry bars. Done!
I need to add that after I decided to make these, I googled "Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie Cupcakes" and one of my favorite blogs "Cupcakes Take the Cake" directed me to a beautiful picture of Thin Mint Cupcakes, located at Classy Cupcakes in Vero Beach, Florida. Take a look, they are beautiful! You can see the on their Facebook page. I'm heading to Fl in April & want to stop by.
Also visit Cupcakes Take the Cake! Best Blog!

One more coment - when I take a look at who reads this blog, it's amazing to see the other countries.  I was shocked to see this.  Japan is one of them and as I write this, they are in my thoughts and prayers.


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  2. this does look yummy...i have a recipe on my blog for homemade thin mints and they do taste just like the girl scout version. i'm following from DIC's hop.


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