Friday, June 17, 2011

Devils Food Chocolate Chip Cupcakes & Vanilla Chocolate Chip Frosting

Mini Cupcakes have been ordered again & I needed to do something a little different. The chocolate lovers in my house will like this cupcake & yes I'll save a few extra.
So here goes. This one is easy. Fill each mini cupcake liner with your favorite cupcake batter and add about 1/2 tsp of mini chips on top of the batter. No additional baking time needed but each mini cake will now have a double dose of chocolate added to them. They don't melt completely into the batter and definitely add to the cake. Next for every 2 cups of vanilla frosting, add 1/2 cups of Nestles Mini Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips. Do not over stir as they will soften and add a tint to the icing. Just gently fold them in. Add more or less chips to your taste. Use a large round tip (#1A) to frost each cupcake as the chips will get stuck if you use any smaller size. (this happened already!) Enjoy! Would love to hear a comment from from you & give me a follow! Have a grat weekend.
Almond Jean - I am so happy you're here with us! Love you!!


  1. I LOVE cupcakes!!! Yours look wonderful! I am happily following you back now. Thanks for the visit to my blog and the follow.

  2. I'm following you back and your blog is making me drool. Thanks!

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  4. These look SO good! I could eat them all! I will for sure be making these next week- my 1st week off from work for the summer!!!!

  5. Oooo I like the idea of putting choc chips on top of the batter! I may have to give this a go next time I'm in cupcake mode!

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  6. The frosting looks yummy!

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  7. yum!! i can has some? :D ima have to try these they look GOOD!